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Dan joins the Air League of Monaco

The Air League of Monaco was founded by Christopher Foyle who previously headed up the Air League of the British Empire under the patronage of HRH Prince Philip. Like it’s sibling/counterpart, the Air League of Monaco (ALM) aims to further commercial aviation and to foster links with industry. 

Air League of Monaco

Learjet 60 Required for Immediate ACMI Lease

Learjet 60 (or similar in class) required for ACMI lease. YOM 2005 or later, c2500 Euros per BH less diems. On European AOC, European based and European operations. Contact with outline details.

Learjet 60 Required for Immediate ACMI Lease

Need a pilot or flight attendant?

With a looming global pilot shortage on the horizon, three ex-RAF fighter pilots have created and recently launched an online service called Freelance Aircrew, which offers employers a global database of aircrew that they can dip into when required and that provides flexible working for freelance pilots, flight attendants and aero-medics. READ MORE

Freelance Aircrew partner with Top Jet Aviation

A bit more from Top Jet Aviation

At Top Jet Aviation we work hard to build long-lasting relationships with our clients and to provide them with the best possible service when buying or selling aircraft. However, we are able to offer our clients introductions to a range of other luxury services and products through our partner companies.

Top Jet Aviation Partners

Santa's Charter

Despite Santa’s very busy schedule, courtesy of a brand new G450 private jet, he managed to squeeze in a visit to Harrods Aviation at Luton Airport last Saturday.  Handing out presents from within the sumptuous cabin and adding some Christmas cheer, Santa told Top Jet Aviation's Pete Warmerdam that he was seriously considering upgrading his sleigh for the luxury of the G450...

G450 Top Jet Aviation

Freelance Aircrew Is Now Fully Functional

We are delighted to announce that our brand partner Freelance Aircrew has just taken off (pardon the pun!). After 6 months of extensive market analysis and building their revolutionary platform, they are now fully open for business. 

Contract Pilot