Freelance Aircrew

Freelance Aircrew is a global service that will meet the needs of aircrew and aeromedical staff to find contract placements and match their type rating and availability against operator or employer demands for short-notice crewing requirements.

Freelance Aircrew

Founded by experienced pilots and crew, we know the frustrations and difficulties experienced by aircrew and operators when it comes to fulfilling contract aircrew positions.

Whether you are a Captain, First Officer, Flight Attendant, Aeromed Trained, Aircraft Owner or Manager, you have come to the right place. 


Freelance Aircrew

Are you frustrated as aircrew, always getting requests to do freelance work when it doesn’t suit or as operators having to spend time and effort trying to find pilots, flight attendants and aeromed  doctors, nurses and escorts at short notice. 

The solution is Freelance Aircrew, where aircrew are in control of their availability and a solution that saves employers time, money and effort when trying to fill short-notice crewing requirements.


Save time money and effort and have access to a global database of aircrew & medical support. Simply enter your search requirements and you will be shown all available aircrew that meet your specific requirements and are available. You will then be able to access contact details, qualification and medical certificates, travel documents, CV and references - everything you need all in one place.

Don't wast time doing things the old way, use Freelance Aircrew - it's simple, it's easy and it works 24/7.